We are different

The Company

We are a Fixed Income Trading House, authorized on April 25th, 2016 by the CNMV (no. 259 of registry), experts in Fixed Income and special operations. The entity is totally independent from any financial institution or interest group. Ever Capital Investments can manage IICs following the policy expressed in its information brochure.


We are a team of Fixed Income Professionals with 20 years of experience. The high international component of the team, of its clients and counterparties, together with a solid balance sheet, allow us to fulfill its main mission, which is to provide liquidity in the high yield and distress market to professional clients and eligible counterparties.

Our Clients

Ever Capital Investments only works with Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparts according to MIFID classification.

Most of the client base is composed of regulated Financial Institutions (from large banks to regional banks, hedge funds, wealth management firms and family offices). By geographical area, customers are mainly concentrated in Europe with some in the USA and EMEA.

The firm, on a smaller scale, also acts as a broker / dealer for certain clients.

Ever Capital Investments offers discretionary and individualized management of investment portfolios according to the mandates offered by clients.